Condensing Gas Heaters: High efficiency condensing gas heaters

Robur condensing gas heaters combine high efficiency with energy savings.
They bring greater comfort thanks to the automatically modulated flame and ventilation.

Condensing Gas Heaters

The G series is a condensing and modulating space heater. It is most suited to large, occupied spaces with high ceilings, such as factories, warehouses and workshops.

    Robur G-Series Condensing Gas Heater

    Robur G-Series Condensing Gas Heater

  • Super-efficient condensing units.
  • Lightweight – up to 40% lighter.
  • Thermal efficiencies up to 105%, comparable with the best condensing boilers on the market.
  • Capacities from 30 to 100kW.
  • Air throws of 40 metres.
  • Water distribution is not required, giving improved total system efficiency.
  • Perfect modulation of heating output.
  • CO and NOx emissions are practically nil

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