K18 Mini Air Source: World’s first gas heat pump for domestic use

Gas heat pump, for outdoor installation, with water temperatures up to 65 °C for heating and up to 70 °C for domestic hot water.
Quiet and efficient 18kW heat pump saves around 38% of energy costs, thanks to the use of air source renewable energy.

Robur K18 Mini Air Source Gas Heat Pump

The Robur K18 is the world’s most efficient high temperature heating system ideal for domestic and small commercial heating. It is perfect for heating and hot water in homes, schools, church halls and care homes.

The K18 has the following advantages:

  • Uses green refrigerant, R717. Completely harmless to the atmosphere. Global warming potential and ozone depleting potential are both zero.

  • 18kW output with water up to 65°C gas heat pump – ideal for heating and domestic hot water.

  • Runs on low cost natural gas, LPG or Bio-LPG – saving 38% compared with a condensing boiler.

  • Can be fitted by any gas-qualified plumbers and integrates with existing radiators. No fridge work.

  • Quieter than any other heat pump. No compressor or inverter electrics. Ideal for noise sensitive areas.

  • Saves 40% carbon emissions compared with a gas boiler.

Robur K18 in situ
Robur K18 for residential use
Robur K18 installation