Robur UK Suppliers: ESS (UK Distributor)

ESS logoESS was established in 2000 as an HVAC distributor.

Since 2003, ESS has become the UK’s leading supplier of gas powered heat pumps, and is now pleased to offer Robur’s gas absorption systems in addition to its existing range of Gas Engine models.

ESS is an independent, privately owned company, established for distribution of HVAC equipment to the trade only.

Why Choose Us

  • 2001 – we were appointed as the first national distributor for Sanyo.
  • 2003 – Sanyo introduces Gas Engine VRF (GHP) to the UK. ESS becomes leading distributor.
  • 2010 – we added the Samsung range of heat pumps to our portfolio.
  • 2011- Sanyo rebranded to Panasonic. GHP range expanded.
  • 2012 – we were appointed as Robur’s UK distributor, thank to our success offering heating and cooling solutions with our existing gas driven heat pump range.
  • We specialise in helping energy managers, M&E consultants, designers  and other heating, ventilation and air-conditioning professionals


It is extremely exciting working at the forefront of ground source technology with suppliers that can offer the support required.
Ben Nicholls, Managing Director, Nicholls Boreholes
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