AR Series: gas absorption heat pumps for heating and cooling

Reversible heat pump, for outdoor installation, for the production of hot water up to 60 °C  or cold water down to 3 °C.
Guarantees efficiency up to 150%, thanks to the use of air source renewable energy.

AR Series

The AR Series of gas absorption heat pumps are ideal for heating and cooling industrial, commercial, accommodation and tertiary utilities. They are meant for outdoor installation and, on request, can be pre-assembled as links with the same units or with other units.

The AR Series range has the following advantages:

  • Up to 33.3% utilisation of air source renewable energy.
  • Designed to exceed peak efficiencies of 150%, guaranteeing up to 33.3% reductions in annual heating costs and in CO2 emissions, compared to the best condensing boilers.
  • All data are tested by certificates and approvals from ENEA for Italy, DVGWForschungsstelle and VDE for Germany, California Energy Commission for USA.
  • The most beneficial heating system to enhance the energy qualification of buildings, because it permits a considerable promotion of the building’s energy classification with the consequent increase in the value of the building.
  • Also designed for cooling purposes, using gas as fuel.
  • It reduces electricity consumption to a minimum, thanks to the prevalent use of gas.
  • Ensures efficiency levels in excess of 130% even at -7 °C, so it is also used in especially cold climates.
  • The installation of air source gas absorption heat pumps is supported by national and local incentive programmes.
  • With a GAHP-AR, every year 3.4 tons of CO2 emissions are saved, which is equivalent to those absorbed by 457 trees or those produced by 2 green cars; every year 1.6 TOE are saved.
Robur GAHP-AR heat pump

Robur GAHP-AR heat pump