ACF-HR Series: Gas absorption chiller-heater for cooling with heat recovery

For the production of hot water.
Chiller-heater, for outdoor installation, for the production of cold water down to 3 °C and simultaneously free hot water up to 75 °C.

ACF-HR Series

The ACF-HR air source gas absorption heat pumps are ideal as a cooling systems where hot water production for domestic use is required, for example in hotels, hospitals and swimming pools. They are also used for post-heatig circuits with AHU. They can be e pre-assembled as links with the same units (RTCF HR Series) or with other units.

The ACF-HR range has the following advantages:

  • Production of hot water for free during cooling operation.
  • Extremely low electricity consumption: saving up to 86% of electricity compared with a traditional electrical system, thus requiring neither additional energy