Robur has launched a new range of trivalent gas-powered packaged chillers and heat pumps. The Gitié range has three models, with 2, 4 or 6-pipe configurations for cooling, heating and domestic hot water (DHW).

The units serve a wide range of applications.  For example: cooling where there is a shortage of electrical power; or heating at efficiencies which save up to 40% against a condensing boiler and help with Part L compliance; or cooling and heating with the production of DHW.

Individual models offer 17 to 76kW of output but can be blocked into larger systems, providing a modular solution.  This has the advantage of increased capacity steps and duty sharing.  All systems are for external installation, can run on mains or LP Gas and use a non-HFC ammonia solution refrigerant for BREEAM credits.

Gitié ACAY trivalent gas-powered heat pump

The Gitié range represents a cost-competitive alternative to an installation of a boiler with solar panels.  It uses air as a renewable energy source, so is cost-effective to run, with seasonal average efficiency reaching 158%, giving up to 40% savings on operating costs compared to alternative solutions.

You can read more about the full Robur Gitié range or for any further information, get in touch.